Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday Weekend Fun

Work, work, work--that was our fun. And it was fun. Or it felt good anyway. It made the reward beers at the end of the day taste great.

John got the garden DONE! No pictures of that here. I'd like it to grow in a bit first. You've all seen it in raw form plenty of times so I won't regale you with yet another picture of a bed of dirt and tell you that seeds are in it.

While John was busy with the garden and a whole lot of other things, I started on the Porch Project.
This is the side porch that will become a screened-in porch very soon. The first step was to clean out all the bittersweet vines that John had stored there. Have you ever tried picking up more than one long, twisty vine at a time? Yeah, it doesn't really work that way. One at a time, steady as she goes.

Next step was to fetch the old floorboards from John's workshop that were stored in our old barn. Then, cut them into 130 pieces, 22 inches long. Yay! I love a challenge!

Only ten more piles to go!
Next step was to store those boards on the porch so they don't get wet in the rain that the computer says we are getting, but that never seems to come.
And now I wait until the carpentry boss is available to help me use the brand new nail gun to install the boards around the bottom of the porch. I think it is going to be a noisy piece of equipment that will make me feel p o w e r f u l.


Maggie said...

Aww, don't you look cute with that saw! :-)

I'm jealous. I like toys too. Where's my nail gun?

Maggie said...

PS- That sure is a nice lookin' house you got there. That porch'll be a nice spot for dranks. ;-)

Meg said...

Why, thank ya, darlin'! I try to keep up appearances while I work.

And I'm gonna put up a sign on that porch when I'm done that says something about "drankin" for sure!

Heather said...

Go, Go ChopSaw Meg!!! HA - you're so cute standing there with that saw. I seem to remember posing for a slightly similar (but perhaps more serious) photo with a chop saw when we were building our house. I LOVE your house - it looks beautiful. Love the second story porch. Glad you had a fun weekend. Have fun with that nail gun. Is it an air gun? If so, that WILL be loud.