Monday, May 18, 2009

Of Misty Mornings & Pizzas Unique

So, I'm posting once a week these days. Is that so bad? Does that make me a horrible blogger? Don't hate me because I'm gestating. Gestating what, you ask? I don't know. I'm di-gesting pizza...
John and I work pretty much non-stop these days. It's fun and we like it, but around 6:00 p.m. it's John who always asks, "What were you thinking of making for dinner?" And I'm like, Dude, I don't know. What were you thinking of making? Of course, I am not as sarcastic on the outside as I am on the inside, so what I say out loud is: "Oh, gosh (*sigh), I dunno." And then we go about fending for ourselves in the kitchen, bumping into each other as we travel the triangle--refrigerator, sink, stove.

While John is a good cook when he wants to be, he is a master at what he calls "slop." It is bachelor food to the extreme. It always involves cream of mushroom soup, and usually includes lima beans and corn, though you can also substitute frozen spinach. Add to that mixture some sort of starch (oh, wait a minute, we already have starch...) like spaghetti or rice or whatever is leftover in the fridge. Now, throw in some protein for good measure, canned tuna will do nicely. Mix it all up and cook it until hot. Pour it on a plate and put copious amounts of pepper on it, along with some hot sauce, and Bon Appetit!

John made some slop for himself last night while I made the little Boboli pizza you see above. Look closely and you'll see that I stole some of his lima bean and corn mixture as a topping. Yes, folks, I've hit upon a new sensation: Succotash Pizza. I added sliced red onion and topped it with dilled Havarti and provolone cheese. I washed down with some cheap Merlot left over from John's buddies who visited the cabin last week and it was dee-licious!

Now, I can imagine that you can imagine why I didn't want any of John's slop. But, why, you might be asking, did John not opt for one of my little pizza sensations? Well, he says that pizza really does him in on the blood sugar reading he has to take every morning to track his diabetes. I've seen it happen enough times to believe him. What I can't believe is that his slop dinner doesn't do the same. Magically, it seems to agree with him. Oh well. More pizza for me.

I leave today for the big city (or, Columbus). I'm meeting a dear friend to spend a few days drinking cappuccinos and catching up. I'm going to see if I can hit a few thrift stores while there. I'll dutifully report any finds. Wish me luck!

Here is a picture of my "Dark and dusty, painted on the sky/ Misty taste of moonshine/ Teardrops in my eye" moment this morning upon awakening. (disregard the blob of whatever is in my camera and shows up on the upper left corner of all my sky pictures)

I'm tucking it in my mind's pocket (which is deep and has some lint) so I can pull it out and look at it when I wake up tomorrow in the shuttered bedroom of the apartment.


Maggie said...

Have a wonderful visit Meg! And then come back and show us your finds, and your garden progress, and... well, you know...

Heather said...

That's a good-looking pizza Meg! We'll still be here even if you only post once a week - no worries! Have fun in Columbus. I'm sure you'll find plenty of thrift stores there, and some good finds from within them!

Alice said...

Hey! Am I a bad blog-friend? I am catching up even less than once a week!!!! Although currently the only good thing about our delayed departure is that I am now back up at my folks and have internet for a week! Anyway, I will be here regardless of how often you post and that pizza looks divine ... :-)