Monday, January 12, 2009

Gittin' 'er done

I don't have many words today. We did a lot of work over the weekend. Here are some images of what we got done:

We purchased a kitchen table and chairs at the Antique Mall in Barnesville. Yay! I wanted a pedestal table real bad, and we found one...
John put up the pot rack in the kitchen and changed some of the wacky light switch placements while he was at it. Thank you, John!

I washed down the old sliding barn doors that we use on the bathrooms and polyurethaned them so that they won't flake paint everywhere (John did the second coat).

John put together my grandma's wardrobe in the bedroom so that I can get to Narnia when I need to.
And while we're in the bedroom, here are some more recent views...Clarabelle in a familiar pose:
New use for an old planter:
Mmm, yellow beads in a turquoise dish:
Whoops! Time to wake up! The latest addition to the infamous collection of all things rooster:


Anonymous said...

narnia meg? you made me snort coffee through my nose.

your house is beautiful!! i L.O.V.E your table.


Middle Way said...

There is nothing like solid wood furniture. It just gives off such a warm feel, especially when there is craftsmanship involved.

You have some truly beautiful pieces to go along with your fabulous space!

Alice said...

Every girl needs a fast route to Narnia in my eyes ;-) Absolutely love the handbag personally! and all your lovely beads *swoon*. Ah, it's good to be back with Internet - I have missed delving into your life!

Meg said...

Jen: I am happier than you can imagine that I can still make you snort coffee through your nose, even from afar! (You know you want to try my wardrobe next time you're out here.)

Middle Way: I totally agree--and I find it much more fun to shop for things at antique malls, junk stores and thrift shops. I'm finding great deals--which I know you can relate to!

Alice! I am sooo glad you are back online--can't wait to read the next installment of how you got to France. (and I thought you would like the handbag!--it was my granny's.)

AuntLainey said...

I KNEW that was Mother's handbag when I saw it! How wonderful it looks in its new home. I remember her carrying it at Culver and I also remember rummaging through it as a little kid.

Meg said...

Hey Aunt Lainey! Seems like ALL of Baumie's things look good in here...wonder what that's all about? : )