Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Winter Walk

I took a walk yesterday, seeking beauty in the brown world of winter. I found it.

Palettes of color, form, and texture behind a scrim of tree trunks

Beds of moss with a hairy covering of sporophytes

Gill o' the Ground under the protection of fall leaves

LeRoy followed me like a dog.

And clawed his way up my leg like a cat.
Blooms of blue-green lichen on rotting branches
Perfect dinner-plates eaten out of oak leaves
Remember this goldenrod from a post last summer?
It is just as beautiful now
Along with the milkweed seeds
All glowing in the slant of late afternoon winter light, warming towards spring


Middle Way said...

Beautiful pictures Meg! I expected to see snow for some reason!

Meg said...

Thanks! No, no snow right now. But you never know what's going to happen in January in Ohio. Could be shorts weather, or sledding. Ah, global warming!