Monday, December 1, 2008

Here We Are... the new house!
We are feeling exhausted from the marathon of activity, but this morning we enjoyed coffee at this table, watching the sky change outside the huge windows:

You know, back when we moved here in the summer it was one of the hottest, muggiest days of the year. For our move down here, there was a steady rain all day which equals mud-city. We know how to time it, don't we?

There is still sooo much to do. The cabin is a wreck--there is mud tracked all over the place. And everything down here at the new house is the definition of make-shift (we have to wait a week for the upstairs floor to cure before putting furniture on it). But it is so comfortable, warm, spacious, light-filled! I love it!

Right now, I am listening to the quiet swish of my new washing machine doing its job upstairs. Is it possible to be in love with an appliance? I smile everytime I look at my stacking washer and dryer.

And the kitties--LeRoy luvs the place! He walks across the beam that connects the two lofts upstairs and also walks the lower railing, balancing like a pro. Clare ran back up to the cabin as soon as she had the chance and stayed up there until I dragged her back down here. She is now sleeping on the bed with LeRoy and seems to be in a state of acceptance. (I couldn't get the two of them in the frame, and LeRoy is just so photogenic...)
John spent the day working at his real job at the temporary office set-up we put together. The wireless is working seamlessly. No more worrying about whether the barn door is open or not to get reception.

I'm resting my weary bones and muscles until heading up to the cabin for yet another trip to get stuff. It might have to wait til tomorrow, though. I'm plain tuckered out. I think it might be time for a cold beer in front of the warm fireplace. Ahhh, there's no place like home.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to be in THAT space later on this month ! wooo hooo Merry Merry to all of us XO

Alice said...

Brilliant!!! I'm so pleased!!! Hope you enjoyed your beer :-)

Anonymous said...

oh. my. dang!!!

that is so lovely meg. now i see why you left me here to rot at fpc. whaaaa...i wanna live with you guys!!!

mamawhatthe said...

Oh Congrats!!! You really do have wonderful light in the new house. The floor looks great. And the little table by the window looks like a great place for coffee. I hope you are enjoying your well deserved rest!

Meg said...

Thank you all so much for the oohs and ahs--I am smiling ear to ear!
: )

laura @ move to portugal said...

The table by the window looks like a perfect place for coffee

Love your blog :)