Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Makin' Things

I've had a sick little grandchild here with me since Monday. She commandeers the laptop to watch her princess dvds, so that's my excuse this week!

We've been busy. The fabulous Lindsey's were out last weekend and along with drinking tasty winter brews and eating pizza, we went tubing and made a snowman. (Well, Jen and John made a snowman. I made the head, but that wasn't much work and Linnette went inside to read Pablo Neruda poems by the warm and dry fire.) He was quite dashing, the snowman, complete with a pipe, arms, and scarf made from bittersweet vine.

LeRoy watched from a perch in the apple trees.

I had my second sewing lesson last Saturday, wherein I made an apron. My sister Kathy graciously donated her old sewing machine to me last summer, and my neighbor Sharon knew a woman nearby who gives lessons in her home. So, here I am keeping my brain fresh by learning new things at my age! (And John can attest to the cursing that goes along with that...)

Just for practice, I halved the pattern and made one for Maria, too. I'm glad that no one can see these things up close, because there are plenty of mistakes. But, hey, they're aprons.

I also made myself a new journal. I took a bookmaking class last winter at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center. If I still lived in Columbus, I would take the ongoing class all year. As it is, I make-do with my own version of the kettle stitch. See, I've forgotten how to do it exactly, but I make it work somehow. It's just one move near the beginning that I can't remember....
Don't look too closely!

I have often wished that I was interested in only one thing. I envy people who are focused on, or obsessed even with one subject and make it their life's work and passion. It would be easier that way. Or so I believe. I'm not sure there are many people even like that in the world. I only think so in times of despair over doing one thing really well. I'm cursed with a Jane-of-all-trades desire. Here are just some of my answers to the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Interior decorator/designer
Master Gardener
Chef/owner of a health food restaurant
Farmer/artisan cheesemaker

Well, I could look at my affliction this way: I've got plenty of things to keep my brain from turning to mush as the years go by! Although there could be some cursing along the way.


Alice said...

love, love, love all your crafty bits! the aprons are divine! the book fabulous. I'm the same and I too envy people with a strong passion for one thing and one thing only. But then life is far more interesting with lots of different things on the go ... sometimes!!! I have been staring at my sewing machine now for days but just haven't found the time to sit down. It's always the same. I get busy making Christmas presents then post Christmas I have run out of steam to create! Ah well, lovely to look at your things :-)

Meg said...

Thank you so much!
I don't know how you create all your crafty things AND write with a little one around. As I mentioned, I watched Maria for a few days and whew! I forgot how hard it is to do anything--dishes, sewing, cooking--with all the interruptions! I also remembered, though, how fun it is to carry on those crazy conversations one can have with a three, almost four year old.

PS: We must talk about our children's fantasy book addiction--I've got some titles for you : )