Monday, November 3, 2008

Look What We Did

We applied a water-based polyurethane to the beautiful tongue & groove ash floorboards in the downstairs of our new house!

Looking this way:

Looking that way:

It is becoming real--this moving in thing. Counting down to about three, maybe four more weeks. I won't have kitchen cabinets right away, but at this point, I care not. Just want to get in there and start to feel what it is like to live in the place down the hill from my cabin.

Happy Monday, all.


Anonymous said...

meg!! the floors turned out to be just beautiful. i'm so proud of yen's!

~ jen

mamawhatthe said...

The floor looks fabulous! It looks like you are building an awesome home. Nice light. Did the older beams come off the property or did you get them as salvage somewhere else?
I will be headed through Ohio in a couple weeks. I'll wave as I go through- are you on the east side or west side? :)

Meg said...

Thanks Jenny Jen!

Maggie, I'm on the east side--20 minutes south of I-70. Give a holler and I might hear you!

The beams are the original structure of an old barn that John bought already dismantled. We put them back up and fancied-up all the rest of the stuff that goes around it. Lots of the other wood we've used throughout is salvaged from a variety of other places. My husband really (really) likes old wood and has an entire shack full of it, plus tarp-covered piles of it here and there, plus rafters full of it in any structure that will hold large, dirty piles of old wood. I can't complain too much (though sometimes I grumble) because he makes pretty things from it, which I very much enjoy using and looking at.

Alice said...

Hi Meg, house is looking wonderful! Can't wait to read the first post after getting in there :-) So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. I think the words you have written are lovely. Alice x