Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged

The snow is still here in patches. I'm sick with a cold and had a migraine headache this morning. All of a sudden it isn't as dreamy living in this, rather drafty I now see, cabin! The "boys" did the nicest thing before they left today, though. They brought me up a pile of wood from the woodpile which happens to be down near the new house. (John is away for the week in sunny Arizona, so they felt sorry for me, I guess.) I think I gave one of them a fright this morning when he came to see if I had a D battery they could use for the ceiling fan they installed. I answered the door in full sick-bed regalia--robe, slippers, and my snot rag in hand. Hoo boy!

However...I've been "tagged" by Alice at Living the Rural Dream (and Fanciful Alice) and so I have something else to do but whine about being sick. I agree with Alice that tagging is a bit chain-mail-ish, but I've seen lots of other tag games ("ghosted" is a good one) and they're sort of fun. (And no one promises dire consequences if you don't pass it on!)

So--here are Six Things About Me (the basis of the tag). Read on, or click on outta here--you've been warned.

1) I love horses with an illogical fervor. I was one of those girls with horse pictures plastered on my bedroom wall, a collection of horse figurines, etc., etc. I even studied horsemanship for a year at Virginia Intermont College. How it has taken me so long to get a horse back into my life, I'm not quite sure. I hope that next summer we are ready to take the plunge and saddle ourselves (ha!) with the responsibility of owning a horse or two. I just want to breathe in their smell and look into their big sweet eyes and listen to them chew hay at this point in my life. No competing.

2) I have a mild case of Raynaud's disease. That's where your fingers and toes (or hands and feet if you've got it really bad) go white in the cold. The blood vessels shut down and circulation stops altogether. I run my hands under hot water, or stick them somewhere warm when it happens. Obviously, I'm thinking about it now that the weather has turned--ergh.

3) "I often make light of my chemical dependence on caffeine." That is the quote on a coffee mug that I purchased from The Onion store recently. I thought it was hysterical, because it's true.

4) Adding to the above, I love coffee houses. My favorite one in all the world so far is Stauf's Coffee Roasters in Columbus. I love that coffee shops are a place where you can go to be alone within a crowd of people. You can sit by yourself for hours and no one gives you a second look. Lots of other people are there doing the same thing. I also love having long conversations with people I care for in coffee shops. It is one thing about living in the city that I miss.

5) Even though I am a gregarious person, I need a lot of alone time. It has always been this way. I am happiest when these two sides of me are in balance. If the scales have to tip, I would prefer they go towards the being alone side.

6) When provided a choice of colors, I always go for the warm ones. Reds, golds, yellowy greens, toasty browns, and greeny blues if I have to choose a blue.

And now I will tag just one other person...Siobhan at Flying Solo--you're it!


Alice said...

Lovely! It's actually really nice to read simple things about a blogger who you sort of know, but sort of don't! Now I know why I like your blog, because I know totally where you are coming from: I love horses (the sound, the smell) and oh how I miss meeting friends in coffee shops :-( in fact, right now I would like to go for a browse in a few bookshops before meeting a friend for a chinwag and coffee. And lastly - point 5 - WOW - that is me!!!! All-in-all a lovely read and I hope you feel better soon :-) oh, and I hope your son had a good Birthday!

Meg said...

I like the word "chinwag." You're great! Thanks!

mamawhatthe said...

Good god, no wonder we get along! Although, I will admit I have always been more of a greens/blues/purples kind of gal.

I went to high school in Baltimore City (many moons ago). At that time, there was an amazing place called "Louie's Bookstore Cafe" located in a long, skinny, and quite old building with original wood floors. If you entered from the street, you found yourself in a bookstore packed with people and books. There was always live music, often a trio stuffed in a corner. But even though it was packed, it was peaceful. It had to be. The building was so narrow that the tables of books were quite near each other, leaving room for only one person to squeeze between them at a time. If you tried to push past someone, you ran the risk of toppling over an enormous stack of books and thereby bring the wrath of Louie upon yourself. And, more likely, seriously injuring yourself. If you made your way back to about the midpoint of the building, you would find a short stretch of bar, a few tables, and the stairs to go up. The back half of the building had an upstairs that was cafe seating only. It was open, via balcony, to the bookstore and the music from the trio stuffed in the corner below. Louie's was a magical place. I am sorry to say it is gone now. But it was, and remains, my favorite coffee shop.

Meg said...

I think that we should all get together and write a book--a coffee table book!--about favorite coffee shops/bookstores. You know people would buy it! Or did I just give the idea away to the Internet?