Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacation by Proxy

Don't you love it when someone visits you, and though you are not technically on vacation, you feel as if you are? That's what this week has been like with Sarah here. We've gone out to eat, taken hikes, played Scrabble. I've felt entitled to purchase souvenirs, put off chores, and sleep in late.

John actually did take two days off and the three of us had some adventures. We took a hike up the now dry stream bed.
Some beautiful blue flower was blooming on the banks. I can't identify it with the one book of wildflowers that I have, so we'll just have to enjoy it with a Beginner's Mind.
X marked a good spot!

Hints of fall were everywhere.

Yesterday we took to Seneca Lake. It was a gorgeous Indian summer day with clear blue skies after a cleansing rain, warm sun, and cool shade. We saw a pair of pileated woodpeckers in the pines when we were unloading the canoe. A great blue heron was wading in the lake and we chased him down the shoreline as we struck out. He squawked in irritation after being rousted out of his fourth put-down. (Sorry, heron. If you would stay still, I'd take a picture of you, that's all.) Kingfishers swooped by several times, skimming the surface of the lake like small planes. It was altogether glorious.
I scored the Queen's seat in the middle of the canoe.We're heading to the city today for a long weekend of visiting before Sarah flies back to Mexico on Monday morning. Ah, vacation! Wish it would never end.

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