Friday, September 26, 2008

The Current Moment

I'll close out history week by taking us up to the moment on the progress of the new house. Here is the view of it that I get all the time, walking from the cabin...You'll notice the lounge chairs on the star-gazing deck. I climbed up there and read my book yesterday evening, looking out on the future garden, imagining the best routes for pathways and placement of beds. Instead of a ladder, I was able to use the NEW STAIRS to get to the second storey.John will work his magic on the wood, sanding and staining until the lustre of the oak is restored to a rich, chocolatey hue. This is the same wood that he used for the front of the gift shop at Franklin Park Conservatory, a picture of which I will shamelessly post here. This was just after installation. It looks even better with all the earthy, organic merchandise they place around it.

And here is our bedroom--notice the floor almost done.

And here is the study--will I be able to concentrate with the doors to the deck right there, beckoning?
Who knows when we'll get in. I hope before the really cold weather hits. My friends at Living the Rural Dream have got me thinking about cozying up to the fire. I would love to have the choice of doing so at the new place. Having this stout little cabin for shelter, though, is a comforting thought.

Happy weekend everyone!


mamawhatthe said...


First, thanks so much for your very kind comment on my blog yesterday. Much appreciated.

Now, about your house... When you finish yours can you make one for my brood and me? :) Kidding... no, it's wonderful. I am in awe. I'm also curious how you will handle the issue of insulation. Ohio winters aren't exactly balmy. I really look forward to following your progress...

Meg said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

Sorry, no, I never want to build a house again! haha--I thought I would be good at it, but apparently, I have a hard time making decisions about things until I can see them in three dimensions right in front of me. And then it is a little bit late to be changing my mind, although I've been known to do it anyway.

As far as inslulation--we've got something called T-111 siding up, then 2.5 inches of foam (thick, board-like stuff), a layer of plywood on that, and then cedar siding. It sits on a concrete pad and they've used lots of caulk, so the whole thing is pretty tight. We've got a soapstone wood-burning fireplace (which is so pretty it will merit a posting when it goes in) and some back up electric wall heaters so that we can leave for more than 24 hrs at a time in winter.
And I'm hoping all that makes for a cozy house. We'll see!