Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Delayed Re-entry

My sister Kathy and her husband Rick came to visit over the weekend. We had a marvelous time working and playing. Those two were great sports and helped us move not one, but TWO piles of wood to the drying shed. John has stacks of old barn siding and smaller barn beams scattered about. Tom and the boys used them while building the house and John will use a lot of it to do finish work and build cabinets and such. However, they were real view-killers sitting in front of the house and on the walk to the cabin, all piled up and covered in their blue tarps, not to mention the fact that they were getting wet and moldy. It was amazing what a difference four sets of hands made in getting those things moved. Thank you Kathy and Rick! John was able to get more grass seed scattered and Kathy even helped him scatter more straw. (She felt bad sitting at the kitchen table watching John work, whereas I am quite practiced at it : )

They left at lunchtime on Monday. I threw myself onto the yoga mat after they left, and that evening, John and I drowned our sorrows in gyros and chocolate peanut butter pie at Theo's Restaurant in Cambridge. I'm always a little blue after family and friends leave, so when John left me the next morning to head to Columbus for work, I threw myself into painting furniture. Here it is Wednesday, and I simply must get back to some semblance of a responsible life-style even if the weather is grey and depressing. So, I'm paying bills, blog posting, and...making plans to travel again this weekend! Yes, country mouse is on a roll this month. This time, I'm heading to Kentucky with my other sister, Mindy, to meet up with the other horse-crazed member of the family, Aunt Lainey at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event . For those who don't know, it's like an equine version of a triathlon. Horse and rider compete in dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping over three days. We'll be watching the cross country event on Saturday. I can't wait. It stops my heart and brings a big lump to my throat to watch those gorgeous horses leaping fences at a pounding gallop. You can stand close enough to the course to feel the ground rumble as a horse approaches. It's awesome. Plus, there's shopping. Vendors upon vendors of all things horsey.

And tomorrow, the county extension agent comes out to advise on my own little bit of horse heaven. Updates forthcoming. If I don't make it back here before next week, have a great weekend everyone!
Mementos from the weekend and the ensuing fallout:
This view used to be "mud with woodpile" Now look at it!

Kathy and I squeezed in some antiquing and she bought me the cutest little blue vase you ever did done saw...

Here is the chair I painted and plan to fix with perhaps an old feed sack for upholstery a la this cool one in Country Living magazine:

Detail of the bed table painted in the same antique white:


Alice said...

mwaaaa - I want all your house accessories. Gorgeous! Hope you have a splendid weekend away with your sis :-) I know what you mean about feeling blue when family leave. I'm having such a truly wonderful time in Yorkshire I think I'm going to find it hard to up and leave again. I love travelling, but it's so inconvenient that I can't fit my parents into the caravan!

Meg said...

Lol! Thanks, Alice!

Yeah, I know--wish we could twinkle our noses and be with our loved ones whenever we want. But, I believe that we bring much more love and light to one another when we have the courage to go about our individual adventures--and then come together again.

Good luck sewing your curtains!