Friday, October 3, 2008

Vacation, for real

Events conspired against a posting today. I wanted to chronicle a lovely walk in the woods that I took yesterday, which included the antics of this deer:Alas, it is not to be. I am hastily doing dishes, putting toiletries into 3 ounce bottles and avoiding the cat as she mews plaintively at me for food. Yes, that's right, I'm preparing for a plane trip. Clarabelle is going to the city apartment with us tonight so that Jack can take care of her for us while we spend a week in...sunny California! (I can't feed her, due to the aforementioned car-sickness from which she suffers [or is it us?]). She'll thank me later.

John and I were going to take this trip back in August as a "yay! we moved!" trip, but for several reasons, it didn't happen until now. Since today, October 3, is our twenty-first wedding anniversary (!), we have re-named it a "yay! w'eve been married for a long time!" trip. Either way, we are looking forward to it. We'll be visiting best friends Colette in Los Angeles, and Karen in San Diego. I am not taking a computer (*gasp), but I will have loads of pictures and stories to share upon our return next weekend.
Until then...

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mamawhatthe said...

Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful trip. And if you wouldn't mind, please bring back some sunshine.