Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pretty Pictures

I'm in the city for a few days and thought I'd post some pretty pictures from the country for myself as well as y'all.
Check out the crazy oncidium orchid...

Like everything else out here, I think it likes it. I've never had such a big spike with so many branches on it before. Could have a lot to do with the increased sunlight, though. I had it on the porch all summer. Its nickname is "Dancing Doll." Do you see her?And here is a leaf that looks like a butterfly.And here is a butterfly! This little guy came by earlier this summer and perched on my finger for a long time. I've ordered some insect i.d. books from Amazon. They are coming soon and then I'll be able to post the names of all these creatures I come across.John's birthday bouquet--fresh from the meadow.Dinner anyone?
Enjoy the long weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What's for supper ? I want to be at that table and gobble up all the goodness of farm livin' !